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about yuuri/chii-chan/chinen...

Chii-chan is getting more handsome and manlier day by day <3
I love cute Chinen very much... (well, who wouldn't anyway xD)
But, inevitably, I love manly Chinen so much moreeeee >.<

I just saw Duet magazine cover for May with Yuuri as the cover
The photo shoot is just EPIC. He looks so manly, gentle, and warm *die*
I feel like falling in love with him for the first time again
(well, we've been married for 2 years now *stomped*) lol

Yuuri looks so PERFECT there! He's perfect as always tho *droll*
I wish there will be more of his manly shoot >w<

And I can't wait for his first movie lead-role too
I've watch the movie teaser and it looks AMAZING!!!
Not only for being cute, handsome, hot, or cool,
Chii is also really talented in comedy ne~
It makes me love him more (if it even possible lol)

and the BIG NEWS: CHINEN SWIMS in that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone knows he can't swim. So, yeah, salute for you my hubby Chii!!!

I also notice that Chinen's dance skill keeps improving INHUMANLY!!!
Well, he's not even a human to begin with. He's a fallen angle *faint*
You'll see it if you watch the PV making of Sayonara Sensation...
The first time I saw the PV, I found it weird that at the heavy-dance-part(?) of the PV, CHINEN IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN, then suddenly, (after Sensations blow up the enemy) he appears right in the middle front beside Yama-chan.
I put my eyes close to that part again and again and found out that he was being put at the corner at the back!!! OMG! He's just like 158 cm tall and they put him there?! Of course, I can't see him!
But then, I found out the REASON. You may say I'm biased, but if you watch it closely, you'll know it too.
JUMPs are very good dancers BUT Chii's dance skill, especially at this kind of choreograph, is just far too good, beyond his fellow members' and this, unfortunately, WILL MAKE the other members look bad. That's why THEY NEED TO HIDE HIM at the back (PLUS, this is soundtrack for Yama-chan's booming movie, so, they need to center him here, ugh).
I'm very sad actually, but seeing Chinen seems do not think at all about it (maybe he doesn't even know about this 'hiding' thing) and keeps dancing with all his might just throbs my heart and takes my breath away. At the PV Making, you can see how great he dances. I'm totally touched <3 <3 <3
So, yeah, keep up the good work Yuuri! I'll always support you no matter what *kissu*

Lastly, about my ship --> Yamachii
There were a lot of Yamachii moments at the end of 2015 and at the beginning of 2016 already. So, now I don't mind if they want to take a rest lol.
(Reader: And you call yourself a shipper?!!! *shots* Me: Well, I need a rest too. To much sweetness can be dangerous lol *dodge from the shots successfully*) But, maybe I AM NOT a good shipper since deep inside I can't just let Chii go. I'll fight Yama-chan and monopolize him! *run for my life*

Okay, that's all I can say for now...
Good bye and have a nice day, minna <3


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